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Demolition to the Core

“When I came to work for A-Core about ten years ago, the owner asked me what kind of equipment we needed to run a successful demolition division,” said Ray Chavez, estimator and budget manager for the demolition division of A-Core Concrete Cutting Inc. Chavez knew that Brokk equipment was the efficient, safe and cost effective solution A-Core was looking for. The versatile machine would help the company stay competitive in an ever-changing industry.

A-Core Concrete Cutting Inc. — headquartered in Salt Lake City — specializes in concrete cutting, core drilling, diamond wire sawing and specialized demolition. A-Core now owns a Brokk 180, as well as rents a variety of models depending on the project. Along with Chavez, the A-Core team has seven trained operators and uses Brokk machines for about 25 percent of its demolition projects.

“When we need it, you can’t beat it,” Chavez said. “We use Brokk any chance that we get, and some jobs we just can’t do without it.”

By using Brokk equipment in several ways, A-Core has expanded its services in specialized demolition projects. From suspending the Brokk from a crane to demolish a silo to creating patented platforms to support the machine on a high-profile university project, the A-Core team has demonstrated innovative techniques to keep their operators safe. A-Core has also used the machine to navigate the stairs of a four-story building. And with another project, they have walked the Brokk through a 4-foot diameter circle baffle tank opening in a water treatment facility.

“The Brokk paid for itself ten times over on the first job we used it on. It speeds up our productivity and increases safety on the job on even the most demanding projects,” Chavez said.

A-Core operators enjoy the efficiency Brokk equipment provides. It keeps operators out of harm’s way and eliminates the need for additional equipment or excessive manual labor. All while helping exceed expectations by meeting deadlines ahead of time.

“It’s a back saver that’s for sure. We always try to use the Brokk unit rather than performing demolition by hand — even if the cost of using the Brokk isn’t built in,” Chavez said. “The reason why is, the amount of material we can move or break at any given time is a lot more efficient than manpower.”

Saving time saves money — which is why Chavez also appreciates the service that Brokk provides.

“I’m a Brokk fan. The machine hits incredibly hard, and I don’t have a lot of issues with it. If I do happen to have issues, the team at Brokk is easy to contact at any time. Their service is thorough and knowledgeable because the team has experience running the machines and knows the issues that can arise. They will take the time to help me troubleshoot any problems I am experiencing right over the phone,” Chavez said.

Using Brokk equipment has helped expand A-Core’s service capabilities for demolition projects and create a successful demolition division. Chavez and A-Core’s strong commitment to offering safe and efficient demolition services and their passion for the industry is what makes them a Brokk Star.

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