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Armed and Ready: Three Essential Bits For Effective Refractory Removal

Using a Brokk machine increases your operation’s efficiency, and equipping it with the right tools for the job can amplify it.

One of the most effective and powerful attachments used in process applications is the hydraulic breaker. Paired with a Brokk machine, the breaker offers an efficient, safe and productive method for tackling any cleaning challenges. However, maximizing efficiency requires the right bit.

Here are the top three bit recommendations from our expert process team:

• Point – A point bit is meant for cracking and is ideal for perimeter work. It creates space in the hard material — breaking it into fine pieces.

• Chisel – A chisel bit gives you great splitting action and is available in standard and wide widths. The chisel is ideal for ladle cleaning applications, as it sets the most energy to the bit when you use it.

• Blunt – The blunt bit is your go-to tool. Compared to other bits, the blunt bit delivers high impact, yet slows down quickly, resulting in heightened safety and less chance of damage to the underlying structure. It’s ideal for a variety of process applications — from cleaning ladles to sand molds.

No matter the task, Brokk has a bit to help you complete the job efficiently. Don’t believe us? See it for yourself. To learn more about our attachments or to see a demonstration, call 800-621-7856.

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