4 Innovative Steel Mill Jobs for Your Brokk Machine

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4 Innovative Steel Mill Jobs for Your Brokk Machine

19 June 2019 News articles

Brokk demolition robots are well known for their value in steel mills. From cleaning ladles and torpedo cars to blast furnaces, Brokk machines can accomplish the work in half the time, with a fraction of the labor.

Your demolition robot will be underutilized, however, if restricted to work-lining applications within the steel mill. Because of their compact size and precision capabilities, Brokk robots are able to efficiently tackle tricky maintenance jobs too snug for larger machines and too dangerous for humans. Here are four tasks to add to your Brokk’s to-do list:

  1. Rail Car Spillage

    Spillage from rail car unloading can be a productivity-draining problem for steel mills. In some configurations, buildup on railroad ties must be periodically removed to prevent backups. This is often done manually, requiring up to 10 workers using shovels — a dangerous job exposing workers to risk of falls and injuries. A demolition robot equipped with a paddle attachment can safely handle the task in a fraction of the time, keeping workers safe and productivity high.

  2. Conveyor Dust Accumulation

    As iron ore travels on conveyors, dust and fines will eventually build up in hard-to-access areas underneath the conveyor. This accumulation must be cleaned up multiple times a year. Many Brokk robots are compact enough to effectively work in small spaces like these, eliminating the need for workers to crawl into tight spots.

  3. Drainage Systems

    Steel mill drainage systems may suffer from clogs when fines find their way into the water and settle to the bottom. Small excavators are typically recruited to remove this buildup of material, but this method is often ineffective. Many drainage system configurations are too small to accommodate large equipment — even mini-excavators. Demolition robots are often compact enough to go where other machines can’t and agile enough to complete the job in less than 30 minutes.

  4. Roller Mill Cleaning

    Demolition robots make roller mill maintenance faster and less labor-intensive. A Brokk fitted with a custom attachment efficiently removes and cleans roller mill plates in half the time it traditionally would take with as many as half a dozen workers using rivet busters. This saves valuable time, improves plant productivity and protects workers from the physical strain.

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