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A New Approach: Foundry increases productivity 50 percent with Brokk machines

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11 December 2017 News articles

From performing repetitive tasks and working in awkward postures to handling harsh chemicals, molten metal and dust, foundry workers take on physically challenging tasks regularly. The weekly, four-hour-long process of refractory removal leaves most worn out, at best, injured at worse.

That’s why a Midwestern foundry tossed out most of its 40-pound rivet busters in favor of removing the caked-on material inside the cupola spouts, runners and furnaces with remote-controlled demolition machines. This advanced approach to foundry cleaning brings greater safety, productivity and accuracy. Robotic equipment offers six times the efficiency of handheld tools, giving the operator the power to finish the job in less time while requiring less labor — increasing overall profits.

The company purchased a 1-ton Brokk 100 to scale the refractory lining from its runners. Prior to using the robotic equipment, this task took four laborers operating rivet busters four hours to complete. Beyond the physical strain, the material was tough, and caused the team to frequently break rivet bits — sometimes going through as many as eight bits during a clean out.

But now, after adding the remote-controlled machine, labor decreased to only one operator and one spotter. Plus, the job takes just two hours to complete — a 50 percent labor reduction. Since the equipment is stronger, it only requires follow-up work to be done with a rivet buster — which saves money on the bits required.

Request a Brokk demo to see how remote-controlled demolition equipment can enhance your foundry’s productivity and increase your bottom line.

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