Add Robotic Demolition. Subtract Workers’ Comp Costs.

Remote-controlled demolition machines decrease workman's comp costs by as much as 50% and boost productivity up to 75%. Here's how.
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Add Robotic Demolition. Subtract Workers’ Comp Costs.

16 October 2020 News articles

Traditional methods of foundry maintenance are dangerous for workers and expensive for employers. Handheld foundry work leads to hundreds of thousands of dollars in workers’ compensation claims each year. In addition, employers feel the stress of productivity loss as workers take time off to recover from injuries. In fact, employees miss an average of 32 days of work after fracture injuries, an ailment common among operators of handheld equipment.

REMOTE-CONTROLLED DEMOLITION MACHINES decrease workman’s comp costs by as much as 50% and boost productivity up to 75%. Here’s how.

Less fatigue

Tired workers are more prone to accidents in the workplace, not to mention they are less productive. Remote-controlled demolition machines remove virtually all manual labor involved in foundry maintenance work.

Out of Harm’s Way

Remote-controlled units allow the operator to stand a safe distance away as the MACHINE TAKES ON THE JOBS for which no one wants to volunteer.

Forget the fumes

Gas-powered equipment produces dangerous exhaust, especially harmful in indoor applications. Some remote-controlled demolition machine manufactures offer models powered by an electric motor, eliminating hazardous fumes.

Fewer Hands on Deck.

More cooks in the kitchen often means more fires. Remote-controlled demolition limits the number of laborers needed to complete a task, decreasing the likelihood workers with handheld equipment will accidentally injure one another.

Foundries concerned about improving worker safety and reducing workers’ compensation costs should consider the many benefits of remote-controlled demolition. A sAFER WORKPLACE, GREATER PRODUCTIVITY and increased profit margins should convince plant managers to consider an innovative robotic solutions for their operation.

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