Beat the Heat with Remote-Controlled Demolition Machines

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Beat the Heat with Remote-Controlled Demolition Machines

10 September 2020 News articles

Using Technology to Improve Safety and Productivity in Foundry Applications

The process industry isn’t for the faint of heart. Workers face the dangers of high heat, molten metal, dust, harsh chemicals and equipment-related dangers daily. Innovative remote-controlled demolition technology provides a safe, productive solution.

Here’s how the technology can improve an operation:

Remote-controlled demolition machine debricking kiln

Workers can use remote-controlled demolition machines, like this Brokk, to quickly and safely debrick kilns.

Enhanced Productivity

Remote-controlled demolition machines provide foundries with a number of productivity-boosting qualities. One or two people using a machine often complete a task in a fraction of the time it would take five to seven laborers with handheld tools. For example, a Wisconsin foundry previously scaled refractory lining from the walls of its holding furnaces with 10 laborers, split into two crews working 10-hour shifts. Depending on the amount of buildup, wall scaling took 3 to 5 days to complete. However, when the foundry started using a remote-controlled demolition machine, they were able to finish in just two 10-hour shifts with one operator and one spotter, resulting in a 92 percent reduction in labor costs.

Increased Versatility

Remote-controlled equipment replaces handheld tools, mini-excavators and skidsteers, making easy work of removing slag and buildup on furnaces, ladles, kilns, runners and cupolas. The machine’s three-part arm provides flexibility and precision to access hard-to-reach areas, and because they are remote controlled operators can position themselves for optimal viewing of the work while staying clear of falling debris, dust and toxic chemicals. Temperature isn’t an issue as the machines can be equipped to withstand very hot environments.

Heightened Safety

Robotic machines reduce workers’ compensation claims when compared to handheld tools. Compensation claims for back, shoulder and wrist injuries have the potential to cost a business hundreds of thousands of dollars each year. Tools such as rivet busters and chipping guns are cumbersome and produce heavy vibrations, which can strain operators. Handheld tools sometimes cause fractures, leading to an annual average of 32 days of missed work. Remote-controlled demolition machines virtually eliminate these dangers and help reduce claims by keeping laborers out of harm’s way.

Choose Innovation

PROCESS INDUSTRY OPERATIONS have dangerous tasks to conduct, production requirements to meet and workers to keep safe. Remote-controlled demolition machines are one option to consider to enhance safety and productivity.

an astounding power-to-weight ratio, especially compared to larger equipment. The 6-ton Brokk 500 easily handles a 1,600-pound breaker designed to fit on a 10- to 17-ton excavator, illustrating just how powerful Brokk machines are pound-for-pound.

Just because a machine is built as heavy and robust as possible doesn’t mean it’s the best tool for the job. Every inch of a Brokk machine is intentionally designed for maximum performance and flexibility, so you can finish work quickly, safely and efficiently.

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