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17 January 2012 News articles

Most successful business owners wear a lot of hats. Mitch Schumer is no exception. As president and owner of Robo-Breaking Co., a specialized demolition company located in Port Chester, NY, Schumer has his hands on virtually every part of the business, from coordinating crews to prospecting new projects. He has found this versatility, coupled with a strong work ethic and dedication, to be key in advancing his personal career and growing his business. Just as Schumer is no stranger to hard work and multi-tasking, the equipment he uses on the jobsite isn’t either. In particular is his fleet of 35 remote controlled demolition machines from Brokk.

Because Robo’s work focuses on a variety of demolition applications, everything from tunneling and subways to bridges and hospitals, Schumer knew he had to have top-of-the-line machines that were versatile enough to tackle various jobsites and applications, but also reliable. This is what led him to Brokk.

“With the work we do, it’s essential we have equipment that can go from one challenging jobsite to the next, and perform without fail,” he said. “We’ve found the Brokk machines to be the best out there.”

Robo has utilized its Brokk fleet on several unique and high-profile projects in the city, including Carnegie Hall and the New York City subway system. But perhaps most notable is the work Robo and Brokk are currently doing at Ground Zero.

“Our efforts at Ground Zero have been incredibly significant, both to us personally and to the city of New York,” he said. Schumer went on to describe his team’s work at Ground Zero, which has been part of the new tunneling system that will become the World Trade Center Transportation Hub. He continued, “We’re helping to build the future of the city. I can’t even describe how much it means to be part of that. It’s just incredible.”

With so much riding on the work his company does, Schumer stresses how important the Brokk line has been, providing the power to get the job done, and the reliability to keep them going until it’s finished. Furthermore, the support and guidance he has received from the Brokk team has been just as valuable in keeping the machines up and running.

“We’re bringing these machines into extreme environments and harsh conditions,” he said. “The service Brokk provides has been incredible and it’s another reason why we’ve chosen to work with the company.”

A successful business owner, and one who’s helping to bring hope and new life to the city of New York – That’s a Brokk Star.

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