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Demolition XP’s Fundamental Crew Member

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4 June 2015 News articles

Compact. Durable. Multifunctional — the perfect combination of multiple, high quality tools designed for a variety of applications. To most this describes a Swiss Army Knife; a mini-sidekick. But to Steven Boucher and Martin Svensson, co-owners of Demolition XP, it describes their secret weapon; their most essential crewmember — Brokk remote-controlled demolition machines.

Demolition XP, is a full-service demolition company located in the Greater Montreal, Canada area. It provides service from coast to coast and specializes in a variety of applications, such as controlled demolition and deconstruction, steel structure manipulation and implosion-free, high-reach demolition.

“The Brokk equipment has opened us up to several industries,” said Svensson. “From tunneling jobs to steel and paper mills to glass furnaces — with Brokk remote controlled demolition machines our versatility in applications fuel our business growth.”

Together Boucher and Svensson bring over 15 years of industry experience. Prior to launching their demolition business in 2013, each gained extensive experience working with Brokk machines – Boucher with a mechanical engineering bachelor degree and Svensson as a heavy equipment mechanic technician.

Work with previous employers is where they developed their appreciation for the equipment. Boucher said their experienced background opened them up to limitless applications, allowing them to modify, customize and optimize Brokk equipment and its attachments to suit their clients’ needs.

“Brokk equipment is just incredibly faster than traditional methods,” said Boucher. “And, best of all, with remote-controlled machinery there are no more injuries and no more fatigue. Each machine is extremely versatile and they fit just about everywhere.”

Demolition XP bought their first Brokk 90 in 2013. Eleven more machines were added to their fleet within the first year of operation, along with more than 30 attachments, including buckets, drills, grapples and pulverizers. Demolition XP’s fleet ranges from the smallest Brokk 50 to the largest Brokk 400. The assortment of Brokk machines and attachments has enabled Demolition XP to take on a wide variety of delicate and challenging jobs increasing both efficiency and safety.

“I like to think of our Brokk Fleet as my Swedish Army Knife,” Boucher said. “Being able to swap out attachments, fit in confined areas and keep my operators safe make these machines incredibly versatile and essential to our business.”

Demolition XP’s strong commitment to offering safe and efficient demolition services, and their passion for utilizing innovative technology like Brokk machines makes them a Brokk Star.

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