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30 July 2012 News articles

Brokk Star Chris Donald Builds Success in Refractory Demolition

When you’re fortunate enough to find a formula for success, there is no reason for change. Just ask Chris Donald of Donald’s Refractory Removal Service. Donald has been working with Brokk equipment since he started in the refractory demolition industry in 1988. One quick look at the challenging environments and rising safety concerns in the refractory industry, and Donald quickly recognized the need for a remote controlled demolition robot. Brokk was the natural choice.

Donald built his company from the ground up. He started in 1996 with just a Brokk by his side. What started with just one true employee and a trusty Brokk 250 is today a thriving business based in Thedford, Ontario. With six full-time employees, eight part-time employees and 20 reliable Brokk units in a variety of models, the company now serves customers throughout North America. Donald is quick to say that the Brokk units have been a key to his success.

“Our demolition work requires operating in low overhead areas and extremely compact spaces,” Donald said. “Without the right equipment, these jobs are time consuming and downright dangerous. Because of its remote operation and compact design, the Brokk can get into those tight spaces safely and is still powerful enough to efficiently tackle the job. I haven’t found anything else like it.”

While safety is the critical factor in these applications, Donald is quick to point out that it can’t come at the sake of efficiency. In refractory demolition, the operation must completely shut down throughout the demolition process. To minimize the interruption to their customer’s business, it’s imperative that Donald and his crew provide fast and efficient removal of the high heat cement linings. Once the linings are removed, another contractor completes the process by installing new linings. With the help of the Brokk remote controlled demolition units, Donald’s team has cut the refractory tear-out time in half, equating to less downtime for the plant and increased customer satisfaction for Donald.

Donald points out the close relationship he has with his Brokk equipment noting that no matter what the demolition job, his Brokk is by his side – his trusty companion. In fact, Brokk is the only demolition equipment used by Donald’s company. To better serve its customer base, Donald’s Refractory Removal Services maintains warehouses in Canada, Michigan, Texas and Alabama. These warehouses keep Brokk units for speedy deployment to any customer site.

Ensuring superior job productivity, enhanced employee safety and quality work – now, that’s a Brokk Star.

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