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Brokk is leading the way in safe, effective and profitable demolition. Here you find recent press releases and news items about our new products and achievements.

19 June 2019 News articles: 4 Innovative Steel Mill Jobs for Your Brokk Machine

Brokk demolition robots are well known for their value in steel mills . From cleaning ladles and torpedo cars to blast furnaces, Brokk machines can accomplish the work in half the time, with a fraction of the labor.

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23 May 2019 News articles: Saying Goodbye to Smokestacks

Since the 1950s, the Xcel Energy Black Dog power plant smokestacks have defined the Burnsville, Minnesota skyline. In an effort to reduce carbon dioxide emissions, Black Dog is one of the latest U.S. power plants to convert from coal to natural gas. The most visible changes started in July 2018, when Veit & Company, a Minneapolis-based specialty contractor, began demolition of the once iconic smokestacks.

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09 May 2019 News articles: The 5 Best Attachments for Cross Passages

Cross passages in underground tunnels provide a unique challenge for construction crews. Compact, strong and precise, Brokk demolition robots with specialized attachments are the go-to solution for cross passage excavation.

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08 May 2019 News articles: Stand Up to the Heat

In conditions that might make others melt, Brokk demolition robots don’t even break a sweat. An array of heat-resistant components help them keep their cool even in the most extreme conditions. These five features help protect the machine’s most vital components so you can stop waiting for cooler temps and turn up the heat on your efficiency.

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