Of course, the best way of experiencing a Brokk is to see it in action. Still with these videos you can get a glimpse of what this remote-controlled demolition robot is able to do. For more information and on-site demos, please contact us.


Brokk 160 with SB202 and CC420, Stockholm Sweden

Brokk 160 SB202 ER50 Blast furnace runner cleaning

Brokk 160 with breaker and scabbler cleaning runners.

Brokk in project Follobanan, Norway

Brokk tunnelling references.

Brokk-robots involved in the huge Doha Metro project in Qatar!

How do you optimize the logistics if you want to work in the main tunnel at the same time as the cross passages, without interfering with the TBM and the MSV vehicles?

Brokk 100 Torpedo Debricking, Tata UK

Brokk 100 working inside a torpedo car.

Brokk 100 plays an important role in the center of Paris!

Brokk 100 with breaker in Paris.

Brokk in the cement industry

Demolition robot Brokk 90 is successfully demolishing a cement kiln in Sweden.

Brokk 60 CC260 SB52 Concrete pillar Construction, Sweden Burtrask

Brokk 60II with crusher inside building.

BROKK 60II Demolition Robot

Introducing the world smallest demoliton robot Brokk 60II.

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