Brokk is leading the way in safe, effective and profitable demolition. Here you find recent press releases and news items about our new products and achievements.

10 September 2015 News articles: Same Name, More Power..

Since its launch in 2013, the Brokk 60 has become a highly valued partner at
many work sites around the world. But we wanted to improve it further. So
we gave the machine even more power ‐ 10% more power in fact. And that is
just one of several improvements.

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Watch the new Brokk 60 video here:

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10 July 2015 News articles: Watch Brokk 400 in the tunneling industry!

Have you seen the demolition robot Brokk 400 in action in the tunneling industry? Watch how flexible and fast the Brokk 400 and the drilling equipement TE-260 is working!

To have further ideas what you can do with your Brokk robot, visit our youtube channel:

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01 June 2015 News articles: The perfect Brokk job!

In Singapore the Brokk machines right now are being used at a mega building project (offices, residentials, shoppingmall). The Brokk 400 is used to demolish the drop panels while the Brokk 260 is used for the trimming. There is in total 231 drop panels on the 3 basements for this new project. A total of 6 drop panels can be removed in 1 day.. Very effective and there is no better way to do this job since the structure very easily get damaged. In other words, a perfect Brokk job! ‪#‎brokk‬ ‪#‎originaldemolitionpower‬ ‪#‎brokk400‬ ‪#‎brokk260‬

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