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Brokk Celebrates 40 Years of Innovation

For 40 years Brokk has brought new innovation and technology to remote-controlled demolition.

A Distinguished History

Most of the best inventions come from necessity, especially when someone faced with a challenge is inspired to find a “better way.” That story couldn’t be truer for Brokk. In 1976 two entrepreneurs faced a confined-space demolition challenge. Eager to find a powerful and safe solution, they developed the world’s first demolition robot. That one simple invention kick started 40 years of innovation focused on solving increasingly complex demolition problems.

In our 40-year history, Brokk has delivered more than 6,000 demolition robots to more than 100 countries across the word. Brokk has played the leading role in making demolition robots a vital tool in many industries including demolition, process, cement, nuclear decommissioning and underground projects.

“We’re proud of our history and excited to celebrate 40 years of innovation in the remote-controlled demolition industry. Our products have not only changed the nature of the demolition business, but they have also improved the safety for contractors and operators worldwide. That is definitely worth celebrating, “ said Martin Krupicka, CEO Brokk Group.

Celebrate With Us

To kick off the 40th anniversary year, we launched the Brokk 120 Diesel— the world’s smallest diesel-powered demolition robot— at the World of Concrete in Las Vegas on Feb. 2-5. We also hosted a special event at our booth to celebrate 40 years.

Next we’re headed to Munich, Germany to join the world’s biggest construction exhibition, Bauma during April 11-17. Here the Brokk 120 Diesel will have an additional launch event and a special customer event to celebrate 40 years.

A Social Celebration and a 40th Logo

We’re celebrating all year long on social media. Customers can share their best photo or video of their Brokk machine on our Facebook page. We will choose one winner each month and include their submission in our 40th virtual book. The winner will also receive a prize.

You’ll also see our special golden 40th logo and slogan “Original Demolition Power since 1976” in this years marketing materials and on every machine that leaves the factory.

Join us for one of our 40th anniversary celebrations as we reflect on innovations and imagine what the next 40 years might hold.

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