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Coming Soon: Brokk Brings Independence to Compact Demolition with Diesel-Powered Model

At Brokk, our innovation centers around designing solutions that will allow for a safer and more efficient operation, which is why we developed the world’s smallest diesel-powered demolition robot, the Brokk 120 D. Weighing less than one-fourth of the Brokk 400 Diesel and using an 8 gallon fuel tank, the Brokk 120 D offers efficient operation and allows run times longer than 8 hours before refueling.

“Our customers expressed challenges they were facing in their industries, and the underlying need for a compact machine that runs independently from a fixed power source, which is why we developed the Brokk 120 D,” said Martin Krupicka, CEO of Brokk AB. “We are convinced that this new model will bring great value to a variety of difficult applications.”

The Brokk 120 D’s compact size — 31 inches wide, 80 inches long and 49 inches high — enables it to pass through any standard door opening as well as maneuver in tight spaces. Meanwhile, the machine’s light weight — about 2,700 pounds — allows it to drive over weight-restricted floors and helps make it easy to transport to and from sites.

The Brokk 120 D is powered by a compact and efficient Kubota diesel engine, and can run a full shift independent from any power source. This flexibility comes without sacrificing any of the power and performance of its similar-sized electric-powered sibling, the Brokk 100. Plus, it uses the same attachments and generates the same hydraulic power as the Brokk 100, increasing its versatility.

The compact size and power of the Brokk 120 D makes it suitable for a variety of applications, from emergency response and nuclear applications to explosive ordinance disposal and firefighting. Several construction applications, such as demolition and cutting also benefit from its easy transport, diversity of attachments and light weight.

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The Brokk 120 D was shown as a ‘sneak preview’ at this year’s World of Concrete in Las Vegas and the National Demolition Association’s convention in Orlando. It will be available for purchase starting April 11th after its official unveiling at bauma in Munich, Germany.

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