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Introducing Intelligent Electronics

We all have stories of times electronics failed us. It could be because of a bad power supply, hot or cold weather, or hardware that’s just difficult to fix. It’s a frustrating problem that increases downtime and lowers productivity.

To minimize those problems in our machines, we recently introduced our new electrical system, Brokk SmartPower™, on the Brokk 280 and then rolled it out on three other models. The SmartPower intelligent motor control uses dynamic effect control to monitor temperatures of the electric and hydraulic systems. It also tracks the electrical motor’s power usage and adjusts the machine to use more power in cold environments and less power in hot environments. This eliminates the need for an automatic shutoff for overheating since the machine’s temperature is well-controlled. Brokk SmartPower also senses when a power supply is poor or faulty, making it suitable for generators or unreliable power supplies. You can also set the electrical system to work on lower fuses or worn fuses.

The intelligent system includes hardened components and fewer moving parts. In addition, we include seven different error codes so you can easily pinpoint and fix problems. The result is unparalleled reliability and industry-leading serviceability on the toughest jobs, even in remote locations.

SmartPower is on our newest machines, including the B110, B120D, B280 and B500.

Learn how SmartPower can cut your downtime! Email us at or visit our website.

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