3 Ways to Keep your Demolition Robot Busy

Brokk demolition robots are well known for their value in steel mills. From cleaning ladles and torpedo cars to blast furnaces, Brokk machines can accomplish the work in half the time, with a fraction of the labor.
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3 Ways to Keep your Demolition Robot Busy

5 August 2020 News articles

Brokk demolition robots are vital team members, offering the perfect equipment arsenal to safely and efficiently perform maintenance in foundry applications. Whether you’re cleaning ladles or removing refractory, Brokk machines have built a reputation to effectively handle the brunt of the work — without the backache — and offer up to 10 times more efficiency than handheld equipment, such as jackhammers, chipping guns or rivet busters.

Productivity is vital in any operation. With a compact build and a variety of attachments that can be changed out in as little as 5 minutes, Brokk demolition robots offer optimum flexibility. Just like any other team member, you can maximize the capabilities of your Brokk demolition robot with a little creativity. Here are three additional ways to keep your Brokk robot busy.

Remove Risers

Removing risers doesn’t need to be a hassle. Opting for a Brokk robot over traditional handheld methods, like sledgehammers, not only virtually eliminates the physical strain, but also increases efficiency by as much as 10x. It takes only one tap with the Brokk machine vs. multiple swings with a sledgehammer. Just turn down the hammer frequency and tap with a blunt bit.

Plant Maintenance

Knock out a machine pad in no time. Brokk robots excel at breaking concrete. Use a blunt bit on a hammer, and the pad will be gone before you know it. No need for the extra time and expense to outsource the work when you have a machine and operator capable of getting the job done.

Move Castings using a G50 Grapple

Brokk machines easily make light work of a heavy task. Move large items, like castings, with ease using your Brokk robot with a grapple attachment. Simply modify the grapple by welding fingers onto it for easier grabbing and manipulation.

Work Smarter, Not Harder

Brokk robots give you the power to finish your maintenance tasks in less time and require less labor to do it — therefore maximizing productivity and increasing overall profits. Along with the tried-and-true tasks your Brokk demolition robot regularly excels at, finding new ways to use your machine will result in an even greater return on investment.

To learn more, contact us at 800-621-7856 or visit www.brokkinc.com.

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