Brokk Star: Brokk Machines Expand Company’s Growth

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16 October 2012 News articles

Innovation. It’s not only what makes Duke Long, owner of Interstate Sawing Company in West Bend, Wisc., thrive, it’s what makes him stand out. From the day Long ventured out on his own, he’s been looking at how the next best thing can become even better. It’s the reason the Brokk machines caught his eye. More than that, it’s his secret to success.

“Since the day we opened our doors in 1996, my goal for the business has always been to expand and get as diverse as possible within our industry,” said Long. “Brokk equipment has helped us do just that.”

The company’s first Brokk job was at a nearby high school that was in need of some concrete cutting. In addition to Long’s crew, there was a contract out for demolition from a separate company. The area was so sensitive, however, that the other company didn’t want to get close to it. Long’s team stepped up to the plate and took on both the concrete cutting and the demolition work.

“I’d cut the concrete and crush it as we went along, which kept everything very stable,” Long said. “It worked great.” It was the start of a unique combination of services for Interstate Sawing Company; there are few if any, companies that offer both concrete cutting and demolition and do both well.

With the Brokk machine, Long was not only able to perform both jobs, but he did so through a method rare to the industry – from the inside out. Traditionally, demolition work is done by starting on the outside, demoing everything. With the small size and versatility of the Brokk equipment, Long was able to complete all the demolition work on the inside of the building without sacrificing its exterior integrity. Business hasn’t been the same since.

Interstate Sawing Company has continued to expand, gaining customers throughout the Midwest. Since that first purchase in 2007, the company has acquired five Brokk machines ranging from the Brokk 50 up to the Brokk 400. Long attributes much of that growth to the new capabilities the Brokk equipment gives his crews.

“As of last year, we used Brokk equipment for 15 percent of our total work,” said Long, “so we made a goal for this year to reach 20 percent. We exceeded that in July when we hit 26 percent of our total workload.”

Along with the Brokk machines, Long purchases each demolition attachment that Brokk offers. Doing so has continued to expand the company’s growth and capabilities. Having the entire tool chest has enabled Interstate Sawing Company to take on nearly any job that comes its way, and do so with ease. While on job sites, Long continues to focus on innovation and growth, and he constantly develops new ideas for the Brokk machines. He has even created his own Brokk attachments.

“The Brokk machines’ capabilities are truly unbelievable,” he said. “Along with all of the company’s attachments, we’ve made plungers that attach to the Brokk machines and enable us to easily pick up a 5-foot by 5-foot slab of concrete with no trouble at all. The possibilities are endless.”

Having the passion for innovation. Now that’s a Brokk star.

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