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30 July 2012 News articles

Brokk Tackles Water Tower Demolition

Tim Ramon excels in the demolition industry. After all, it’s what he has known his entire life. Now a third-generation business, J.R. Ramon & Sons opened in San Antonio in 1945. To be successful through the roller coaster of economic conditions throughout the last 67 years, the company found focus to be key. Since its inception, Ramon and Sons has focused solely on the demolition industry – a fact that has given them a competitive edge.

“The key to being successful in this industry is ideas. You have to bring fresh and new ideas to the table to help solve problems,” said Ramon. “Our years of experience provide a solid foundation of knowledge and practical application, allowing us to accurately determine what works best or what method will be most efficient in both typical and unique projects.”

In fact, it was that commitment to innovation – as well as a unique request – that led Ramon’s team to purchase a Brokk. In 2011, J.R. Ramon & Sons won the bid for the deconstruction of a 70-year old water tower for the San Antonio Water System. The water tower was being decommissioned after standing idle for the last few years. J.R. Ramon & Sons took on the job – and restrictions – of removing the tower.

“Because of the tower’s surroundings and location on an old Air Force Base, there were a lot of restrictions on how it could be torn down,” Ramon explained. “The water tower was 165 feet tall, and we only had a 60-foot radius where debris or dust could fall. These specifications made using a Brokk our best and most efficient option.”

Ramon purchased a Brokk 180 for the project, equipped with a Darda CC420 crusher. The team carefully suspended the Brokk from a crane, strategically positioning it to methodically remove controllable pieces of the tower. Another crane safely held the operator, suspended near enough to effectively – and wirelessly – operate the Brokk. The entire project took three months and material was kept within a 60-foot radius from the tank.

“The Brokk worked great,” Ramon said. “This tower was heavily reinforced with very little deterioration, but the Brokk chewed through it without any problems.”

The project began in June 2011 and was completed in September 2011. After seeing the efficiency of the product in this unique application, Ramon knew the Brokk would be an asset on future jobs.

“Even after using the machine for a year, I’m still amazed at its capabilities,” Ramon remarked. “The Brokk 180 is the size of an ordinary office desk, yet it can break through a 16-inch thick wall quickly and efficiently. That’s extremely impressive.”

J.R. Ramon & Sons continues to use the Brokk 180 on nearly every project, and hopes to someday add more Brokk models to its equipment fleet.

To see this project in action, check out Brokk’s YouTube channel

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