The definitive demolition solution

The definitive demolition solution

Now, Brokk takes the next step in intelligent demolition. Four range-completing wonders with industry-first technology and features: SmartPower enables record-breaking strength and reliability; SmartRemote gives new levels of ergonomics and productivity; and SmartDesign combines ruggedness and serviceability.


BROKK 170: Heart & head

If you liked the Brokk 160, you’ll love this machine. The Brokk 170 adds more power and intelligence in the same compact, remote-controlled package.

BROKK 200: Muscle, reach & size

There is a new weight class in town. The Brokk 200 is a masterpiece of muscles in a compact, 2.1-ton  machine, with an exceptionally small footprint.

BROKK 520D: Mean & Green

The greenest diesel demolition robot on the planet. And a mean beast, with 40 percent more hitting power and the ability to size up attachments.

BROKK 300: A new legend

We took the mid out of the middle-sized machine. With the Brokk 300 you get a 40 percent stronger punch and can carry heavier, more powerful tools.

the unVeiling

In connection with the official launch of the new machines, we organized an exclusive preview for our partners at the Brokk corporate office in Skellefteå, Switzerland. Watch here:



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