Expand Your Horizons with Brokk

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Expand Your Horizons with Brokk

5 August 2019 News articles

Many contractors make the investment in a Brokk machine to increase their crew’s safety and efficiency, but quickly realize how these versatile robots can expand the reach of their business. New and profitable markets await the forward-thinking contractor willing to use their Brokk to its full potential.


From basements to bank vaults, here are a few of the jobs that your Brokk allows you break into.


Bank Vaults

Bank vault demolition is a particularly challenging application. Contractors must deal with extremely confined spaces that make it difficult — or impossible — to get their equipment where it needs to be. And the fact that the heavy-built vaults provide virtually no ventilation options for exhaust fumes only adds to the temptation to declare the mission impossible.


Brokk offers a full line of electric-powered demolition robots that provide a zero-emission solution for confined or poorly ventilated spaces. With options like the powerful but nimble Brokk 110, contractors can typically drive the machine right through the building and into the vault without dismantling parts of the structure or disassembling the machine.



Posing many of the same challenges as a bank vault demolition, basement knockouts are often on the fringe of jobs contractors want to take. In addition to their fumeless operation, the ability to climb stairs make the Brokk demolition robots’ a perfect solution for basement demolition projects. Demolition robots prove their versatility by easily navigating staircases and keeping the job moving, while alternative machines and methods must remain on the outside looking in.


Smokestacks and Silos

Traditional methods of smokestack or silo demolition can risk damaging nearby structures with falling debris and, more significantly, pose a safety risk to the workers involved. Some situations may require crews to install scaffolding around the structure and remove material from the top down using pneumatic tools.


Brokk machines eliminate the safety hazards that make contractors nervous about top-down demolition. Unlike handheld pneumatic tools, remote-controlled demolition robots do not expose workers to fatigue-related injuries from prolonged use or the risk of deadly falls when being used at great heights. Brokk robots can be suspended from a crane for simple, efficient and safe top-down demolition. And when equipped with cameras, they allow the operator to work from the safety of a boom lift — or even from the ground.


Armed with a powerful Brokk BHB-series breaker or a Darda concrete crusher attachment that delivers 600 tons of crushing capacity, Brokk not only reduces the number of workers needed for smokestack and silo demolition, but drastically decreases the time needed to complete a job.


Want to learn more ways your Brokk demolition robot can expand your business? Contact a Brokk expert today.

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