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9 July 2019 News articles

If you use a Brokk demolition robot for your construction or demolition company, you know the benefits it brings to your business. Pound for pound, Brokk robots have triple the breaking power of comparably sized excavators, giving you incredibly hard-hitting productivity from a small package. Brokk machines also thrive in tight spaces. The three-part arm system allows you to operate in all directions, even directly overhead. These factors and more allow Brokk owners to be more efficient in their day-to-day projects.

But have you considered using your Brokk’s talents to promote your company?


Potential customers — not to mention potential employees — need to hear about the safety and efficiency your Brokk demolition robot brings to the table to truly understand the unique value of your business. It’s a significant sales tool that many contractors fail to take advantage of. Here’s how you can use your Brokk to promote your business.


What to Say

Putting your Brokk demolition robot front and center shows potential customers that your company is using the latest technologies to get the job done more efficiently — a brand image that can give you the edge over your competitors.


Be sure your audience knows the increased safety these robots add to a jobsite. Workers can stand out of harm’s way to avoid being injured by falling debris — a benefit appreciated by potential employees and respected by potential customers.


And don’t forget to brag about your Brokk’s zero-emission electric power system. It allows for risk-free indoor demolition, does its part to reduce harmful pollutants in the environment and drastically reduces noise pollution for passing vehicles and surrounding neighborhoods.


Even our diesel-powered models, like the rugged and reliable Brokk 520D, meet the toughest emission standards. In fact, Brokk makes the greenest diesel demolition robots on the planet. That’s an easy message to share with customers to demonstrate how your business stands apart from the competition.


How to Say It

Contractors can use simple but effective tactics to promote their business alongside their Brokk robot. Your website is the perfect place to start. Include photos, video and descriptions of your machine on your site. Better yet, include a case study in which your Brokk made the job run more smoothly — or made it possible in the first place. This will help potential customers wrap their heads around how these futuristic robots add value in practical ways. For example, check out this case study about Brokk robots going where excavators couldn’t on a tricky smokestack demolition.


Another great option is to feature your Brokk on social media. Platforms like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and YouTube are the perfect venues for a visual showcase of your demolition robot’s unique capabilities. Plus, posting on social media allows for direct interaction with potential customers. Users can comment on your posts to ask questions, beginning a conversation that may lead to future business. Follow us on Facebook to see how we use social media to showcase our robots.


Finally, testimonial videos go a long way in displaying the value of your business to potential customers. Five minutes and an iPhone are all it takes to capture a short, authentic video of one of your customers explaining how your Brokk demolition robot helped keep their project moving safely and efficiently. It’s also a chance to feature some shots of your robot in action. For inspiration, check out this testimonial video for our Aquajet brand of hydrodemolition robots.


Post the video on Facebook and YouTube and watch the likes roll in. And don’t forget to send a link to your email list to remind your past customers why your business has the advantage over your competitors.


Want to learn more? Contact a Brokk expert to talk about additional ways you can promote your business with robotic demolition.

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