Game-Changing Tech for a Competitive Edge

Whether it’s concrete cutting, demolition or any number of applications, many companies have found remote-controlled machines provide a significant advantage when it comes to submitting a competitive bid and securing contracts.
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Game-Changing Tech for a Competitive Edge

26 June 2020 News articles

A good coach knows the right player in the right situation wins the game. The same goes for demolition. Cutting-edge equipment in the hands of highly skilled employees is a winning combination that increases productivity, safety and profits — which is why many contractors are adding remote-controlled machines to their game plan.

From entering new markets to increasing daily productivity, here are 3 ways Brokk can help you up your demolition game.

1. Go Where Others Can’t

Indoors, underground, up stairs — adding a Brokk to the team opens up new opportunities in a number of demolition segments.

The compact size and industry-leading power-to-weight ratio means our robots can go where other machines can’t. A 2,183-pound (990-kilogram) Brokk 110 can easily access areas with low floor loads where even skid steers are deemed too heavy, allowing contractors to bring safe, efficient mechanical demolition to projects that previously required large crews with handheld tools. With the increased efficiency, companies can maximize worker utilization and take on more projects.

Electric operation also opens up new revenue opportunities for remote-controlled demolition contractors. With this option, they can take on projects where emissions present a major challenge, such as basements, bank vaults, parking garages, tunnels, mining and other underground applications.

But, you can only do these jobs if you can get your equipment there. Here again, demolition robots can offer a competitive edge. Due to their small size, some Brokk models easily fit in a passenger elevator or through a standard door. Elevator out of commission? No problem. The precision and maneuverability of our machines means you can “walk” them up a flight of stairs if necessary. No matter where the job takes you, there’s a Brokk model that can get you there.

2. An All-Around MVP

The productivity of a Brokk over handheld methods is undeniable. In most cases, a Brokk and a single operator can get the job done faster, safer and more cost-efficiently than traditional manual methods. But contractors have also found a Brokk with the right combination of attachments can replace multiple pieces of equipment on the jobsite — including mini-excavators, XX and YY. Some customers have even gone as far as comparing it to a “Swedish Army Knife.”

While breakers will always be the go-to tool for demolition applications, Brokk offers a number of other attachments to maximize efficiency. Concrete cutters, drum cutters, grapples, buckets, planers and many more allow contractors to perform a number of tasks with a single machine.

“It’s more than just crushing and breaking with a Brokk robot,” says Duke Long owner of Interstate Sawing and Demolition. “We have rock drills, we have scarifiers, we have buckets, we can excavate…When I sit with my customers and we’re talking about a particular task, I can do so many different things with the same robot.”

Combined with the superior reach and versatility of Brokk’s three-part arm, contractors can perform difficult tasks such as controlled material removal on walls, floors and ceilings up to 7 times faster than traditional methods.

3. Bidding Shutout

When it comes to bidding, a game plan that focuses on getting the work done quickly with less overhead cost is a win/win for contractors and clients alike. Whether it’s concrete cutting, demolition or any number of applications, many companies have found remote-controlled machines provide a significant advantage when it comes to submitting a competitive bid and securing contracts.

Take concrete cutting, for example. According to Duke Long of INTERSTATE SAWING & DEMOLITION, labor and diamond cutting materials are the two biggest overhead expenses for this application. However, in many situations a Brokk can replace concrete cutting equipment, saving significantly on both time and materials. Removing an elevated floor using traditional concrete cutting methods requires shoring, methodically cutting, and then rigging the pieces off the mezzanine before crushing them in another location. On the other hand, using a Brokk robot for the same application Long and his team were able to eliminate shoring and cut their saw cutting price by two-thirds.

Contractors like Mike Gafa of AMG DEMOLITION & ENVIRONMENTAL SERVICE report the same cost-savings in demolition applications. Using remote-controlled options for top-down applications allowed AMG to take advantage of the speed and efficiency of these machines to increase their concurrent projects — and profits. When faced with tight deadlines on two separate projects, the contractor found that a small operating team running Brokk demolition robots allowed them to successfully staff both jobsites while maintaining maximum productivity at both locations.

Real Game Changer

Success, in sports or business, takes the right combination of talent, tools and opportunities. The construction and demolition industry has always been competitive. And while recent events have stopped the clock on some projects and markets, it’s a safe bet play will resume with even more intensity as contractors try to make up ground. Investing in the tools that will give you an advantage over the rest of the field should be an important part of your long-term strategy.

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