Take the Leap. Avoid the Heat.

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Take the Leap. Avoid the Heat.

20 June 2019 News articles

On the surface, Brokk remote-controlled robots can seem like a significant capital expense, but some operations have seen a return on investment after using a machine for just one kiln tear out. The versatile equipment speeds up refractory removal and cleanouts compared to alternative equipment for kilns, ladles, furnaces, castings, cupolas, runners and more. The machines also improve worker safety and free up resources for more critical operations in the plant.

Here are a few reasons to use a Brokk machine in your foundry or mill operation:

  • More than a One Trick Pony: Unlike some specialized, inflexible equipment meant for removing refractory in only specific applications, Brokk machines are flexible for a variety of tasks. Each robot uses a three-part arm design that allows for precision and optimal power, whether it’s needed straight ahead, above or below the machine.
  • Free Up Resources While Working Faster: Refractory removal and similar jobs have traditionally been accomplished with handheld tools, such as jackhammers or rivet busters. This type of equipment depends on the person holding it and there’s only so much a laborer can do before tiring out. A demolition robot never tires.

Brokk robots also allow your operation to complete projects with fewer people, freeing up workers for other tasks. A Midwest foundry removing old refractory lining from iron pouring ladles saw a 75% increase in productivity by switching from handheld tools to a Brokk machine. They went from using two workers over a period of 16 hours to a single operator and Brokk machine taking two hours.

  • Save on Workers’ Comp: Injuries happen. But they happen less when you remove workers from dangerous situations. Brokk remote-controlled machines allow operators to stand safely away from the danger but close enough to have a clear view of what’s going on. Instead of exposing labor to the risk of falling debris, a hardened robot takes the impacts. Additionally, Brokk robots can endure high temperatures, extreme levels of dust and harsh chemicals. Operations have seen as much as 50% savings in workers’ comp as a result of using Brokk machines.

The initial investment can be quickly recouped, especially if the Brokk machine is used for several applications within the plant. Learn more about Brokk machines and contact a sales representative at (360)-794-1277.

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