Maximize Brokk Versatility with Attachments

In addition to making the best use of your time and demolition robot, Brokk versatility is a way to break into new industries.
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Maximize Brokk Versatility with Attachments

11 November 2020 News articles

Brokk demolition robots are known for breaking and crushing, but they can do so much more. A single machine with a good selection of attachments can reduce the amount of equipment needed on a jobsite, saving labor, equipment and maintenance costs. In addition to making the best use of your time and equipment, Brokk versatility is a way to break into new industries.

Here is a primer on attachment options.


Let’s start with the tried and true. Hydraulic breakers are highly versatile and designed to work with each machine for peak performance as it destroys slabs, beams, walls, columns and anything else that needs breaking. Brokk robots are engineered starting at the tip of the breaker for maximum compatibility. The result is that pound-for-pound, Brokk demolition robots provide the highest power-to-weight ratios in the industry, allowing you to substitute robots for much larger excavators and achieve the same concrete removal rates.

The real magic happens with the right bit. A moil point is the most common and is sometimes the default for every task. It’s best used for breaking hard concrete reinforced with rebar in applications such as walls, footings, floors, foundations or machine bases. But you can increase versatility – and productivity – by developing a more nuanced approached.

For fine detail work, such as shaving down high points or blowouts from slurry walls, go with the chisel. The blunt’s flat face delivers a wider area of impact when breaking slab concrete, making it ideal for floors, steel beams encased in concrete, recycling and certain roadwork applications. For maximum destructive power, the slab buster, or “elephant foot,” is the perfect tool for the job.

Concrete Crushers

A crusher is another go-to attachment. The CC440, CC480 and CC580, for example, excel in challenging applications, such as elevator shafts, piers, concrete walls and ceilings where reinforced concrete is present. In addition, the CC series offers virtually silent operation, making them ideal for jobsites with strict noise restrictions, such as interior demolition projects in occupied spaces like hospitals and office buildings, where traditional methods, such as hydraulic hammers, would be too noisy.

Metal Shears

When you need to cut pipes, cables, girders and other material, a Brokk robot with metal shears can help, especially in hard-to-reach areas. The MC300 Multi Cutter, which can be paired with a Brokk 200 or 300, is just one of the options. It’s ideal for cutting steel material, utility lines and cables in a variety of industries, including demolition, soft gut/surgical demolition, remediation, construction and nuclear.


Put your Brokk robot to work loading, sorting and separating debris with a grapple attachment. The G32 is designed for the Brokk 70, our most compact machine. One fixed and one movable jaw means the G32 can firmly grasp structural elements such as drywall, ceiling sections, piping and HVAC ducts, while a 360-degree hydraulic rotation circuit allows for fast and accurate positioning. Using the Brokk machine in these situations eliminates the need for harnessed workers on ladders or scaffolding manually cutting or pulling down structural elements.

The larger G50 offers the same benefits as the G32 and is compatible with the 110, 120D and 170. For interior soft demolition, it is typically used with the 110 and 170, models that can fit through standard doorways and hallways. Since the 110 and 170 have less than 100 foot-pounds of floor load, they are ideal for interior soft-gut projects.

Once demolished materials are pulled down, the Brokk and G50 make it easy to pick up and sort even small debris. Boltable grip plates facilitate picking and sorting, so those tasks can be completed without switching to a different attachment. Multi purpose and beam grapples are other options for your machine.


Yes, you can even dig with a Brokk demolition robot. Break out the bucket for digging, loading and sorting. The Brokk machine really excels when you need to “dig strong.”


For controlled material removal on walls, floors and ceilings, try a planer attachment. The BCP Planer offer up to 7 times the speed of handheld options while providing greater precision and safety for grinding, brushing or removing concrete, glue, carpet, tile and other materials. You can also rely on your Brokk robot with BCP Planer to keep your crew away from hazardous applications such as asbestos removal or nuclear operations, thanks to a hood and vacuum connections.

Drum Cutter

When noise and vibration will be a problem, a drum cutter is a good choice. It is well suited for tunneling, foundation work, demolition, trenching and soil mixing. 

Rock Drill

For concrete demolition, tunneling and mining applications, the TE160 hydraulic drifter rock drill from TEI Rock Drills brings Goliath-sized drilling power in a David-sized package. Pair it with a Brokk 110, 120 or 170 for an alternative to jackleg drills in cramped spaces.

Remote operation makes it safer, plus it produces 100 foot pounds of torque and reaches rotation speeds of up to 250 rpm, making it an accurate and faster alternative to jackleg drilling through brick, concrete and rock.

Demolition crews can use the Brokk 110 or Brokk 170 with the TEI attachment to bore 2-inch-diameter holes for splitter or cracking agents in non-explosive demolition applications. They can then quickly switch out the drill for a hydraulic breaker, shear or bucket to size and remove debris.

The right attachments for your model

To see what attachments are available for you model, visit the attachment pages on our website or call us at 1-800-621-7856.

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